Monday, 19 September 2011

Dental Assistant Resume Tips

A dental assistant is someone who helps the dentist carry our or perform his tasks in a dental clinic. While this is a very generic term used to describe a dental assistant , lets look at what exactly is the role of a dental assistant.

A dental assistant assists the dentist during dental surgeries and procedures by operating the equipment, he assisits the dentist by carrying out tasks like taking x-rays,  taking tooth impressions, assisting the patients, preparing patients for a dental procedure and at times may even assist the dentist by making crowns for the patients.

While a dental assistnat is not required to have a college degree, it is advisable to hold a college degree to enhance your career in the dental industry. A few states may require a dental assistant to be certified by the Commission on Dental Accreditation of the American Dental Association. In this case a dental assistant needs to appear for the Dental Assistant National Board exam for Certified Dental Assistants.

When drafting a dental assistants resume, one must keep a few points in mid, this would help you create a great dental assistant resume. Lets look at some of these points.

  • have a good career objective.
  • mention the post that you are applying for in your career objective and why you are interested in the job.
  • Focus on your educational qualifications, certifications if any and trainings attended.
  • If you have any prior work experience in the dental industry capitalize on that and ensure that details are provided.
  • List any administrative tasks that you have carried out or jobs that entailed you to carry out administrative tasks.
  • Foucs on skills that are required for a good dental assisitant.
  • Mention your proficiency at using computers and your proficiency at computer applications.
  • Have a good reference section with at least two valid references
These are just a few of the points that you can cover while drafting a great dental assistant resume.
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