Sunday, 11 September 2011

How to write a perfect resume

So you are bored and tired of your current job? Are you looking for a change? feel this is the right time to change jobs? Well its time to work on your resume and send it across to prospective employers.
While this is a practice followed by many people across industries, a majority of them fail to follow a few simple steps that can help them in a job search.

A resume is a very powerful tool if one knows how to use it in the right manner. If you are looking for a job change you need to learn how to market yourself in the right way. This is where your resume comes into play. Your resume is the most powerful marketing tool that you possess. A well written resume can help market your skills and help you land that dream job.

So what is this secret formula for a perfect resume? Does such a thing as a perfect resume exist? Well the answer to that is a big yes. So lets look at what makes a perfect resume.

Most of us(including me) start working on our resume once we have decided to look around for a job or find a job opening in the classifieds. This is the biggest resume writing mistake that one can make . Writing a resume is a long drawn out process that needs a lot of thought. Your resume needs to be updated real time, this ensures that you have covered all your accomplishments, change in roles and responsibilities etc and that you do not miss out on any important points.

Another mistake that we make while writing a resume is that we try to take the easy way out by either copying someone else resume or downloading one of the many resume samples available on the net. While this may work for a few people, it is better to create your own resume from scratch , this ensures that your resume is unique and presents a perfect picture of your profile.

Here are some simple tips that will help you create a perfect resume.

1.) start with your personal details, your address, contact information etc.
2.) have a brief resume summary that summarizes your professional and educational accomplishments.
3.) Next you need a strong resume objective, your resume objective must include the reason why you are sending across the resume, which post you are applying for, what you intend on delivering.
4.) after your resume objective you now need to write down your work experience, ensure that you mention dates as well as job responsibilities and roles for each job held. You can also mention your accomplishments here.
5.) now add your educational qualification, certifications, trainings attended etc.
6.) The next section should be your reference section. make sure that you add 2-3 strong references preferably of your ex-employers or bosses.

Following these simple tips will ensure that you have a perfect resume that will help boost your career and help you get noticed amongst the other job seekers.

Resume Writing Tips

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