Tuesday, 13 September 2011

How to write a resignation letter

Just like your resume hold lots of importance in your career, in the same way a resignation letter is equally important. A resignation letter is a document or letter that you forward to your existing organization or employers that state that you need to resign form your current job. A resignation letter is important as it is a written proof that you have informed the said person of your intent to quit.

So why such importance to a  resignation letter? The reason being that one time you have choose to quit & give your resignation letter, it now becomes clear that the employer needs to discover a replacement for you.
A resignation letter must be written after much thought is given to it, you ought to not write a resignation letter in haste or ought to not write a resignation letter on the spur of the moment.
When writing a resignation letter you ought to make sure that it is professionally written, gives the reason why you need to leave & what position you held. A resignation letter must seldom be used as a method of personal assault against people you don't like, It is advised that you give copy of the resignation letter to your boss & to the human resources person.

How to write a good resignation letter

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