Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Interview Tips

Many aspiring job seekers feel that a great and well written resume is sure to help them land their dream job; well they could not have been more wrong in thinking so. A well written resume will only help you get a shot at an interview, To be successful in an interview a person needs to be able to master the art of giving an interview, they should be able to manage an interview to their benefit.

Many times job seekers say that the interview went good and that they are confident that they would land the job, however when they are rejected, they are at a loss as to why the job was not given to them. The answer lies in the fact that they presumed that the interview went great, however the decision maker or  the interviewer, may not share the same thoughts.

So what this secret formula to turn a good interview into a great one? How does one manage an interview?  The answer lies in following simple interviewing tips and being prepared for the interview. Many times a candidate is not hired because of their own doings. The most common reasons for not being hired are the candidate’s untidy appearance, inability to communicate their thoughts clearly, lack of interest, negative attitude and lack of eye contact.

Being prepared for an interview is half the battle won, this includes ensuring that you are confident, know what the job is about, are knowledgeable about the field you work in, know about the company you are applying for and being able to communicate your thoughts properly.

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