Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Sales Representative Resume

A job in the sales and marketing field is very lucrative leading to many aspiring candidates wanting to join a sales firm, however the competition for a sales and marketing job is very tough and one needs a great resume to get noticed. A good sales resume will help you get a shot at an interview. So do we come up with a great sales resume?

The answer is simple, just like a sales person a sales resume must be charismatic, must be dynamic and target oriented. When writing a sales resume one must kep some key tips in mind.

  • You should be able to sell and position yourself well.
  • Your sales resume must talk about facts and figures, you should add sales figures, revenue earned and targets achieved in your sales resume.
  • Talk about your achievements
  • Mention about awards and honors that you have received while on the job.
  • mention about promotions and additional job responsibilities
  • Focus on work experience\
Following these simple tips will help you get a good sales resume.
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