Monday, 19 September 2011

Nurse Resume Tips

A nurses job is turning into a very lucrative profession with more and more people wanting to opt for a career in nursing. Nursing is a high paying job in the health care sector, as the competition for nursing jobs increases; it is becoming very important that you have the right resume to help you land a nursing job along with the skills that are required.
It is very important to have a perfect resume as a resume is your first impression that you create on
Since a nurse’s job is a specialized one, it is important that a nurse’s resume highlight this aspect and portray a picture that this is the right candidate for the job.
Some of the key elements of a nurse’s resume are the educational qualification field. Highlighting this field allows you to showcase your knowledge in the domain.
You should also highlight your licenses and certification and highlight your work experience if you have any. If you are an experienced nurse, it is very important that you highlight your past experiences as a nurse.
While creating a nurse resume it is very important that you take into consideration the skills and expertise required to be a successful nurse. This needs to reflect in your nurse resume. It is also very important that these points are highlighted in your nursing resume, and that it reflects the depth of your knowledge and experience.
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Tips for Dentist Resume

A dentist's profession is a specialized profession, one that requires a certain qualification and skill. When drafting a resume for a dentist, there are a few aspects that need to be kept in mind.

A dentists resume must focus on the persons qualification, academic and educational qualification, certifications, licenses held and any training or workshops attended. By highlighting these aspects of the resume one is able to highlight the persons knowledge in that domain.

You should also highlight your experience in that domain, along with detailed description of the roles and responsibilities held by the person in previous jobs.
However one must be aware not to add unnecessary details in a resume.

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Dental Assistant Resume Tips

A dental assistant is someone who helps the dentist carry our or perform his tasks in a dental clinic. While this is a very generic term used to describe a dental assistant , lets look at what exactly is the role of a dental assistant.

A dental assistant assists the dentist during dental surgeries and procedures by operating the equipment, he assisits the dentist by carrying out tasks like taking x-rays,  taking tooth impressions, assisting the patients, preparing patients for a dental procedure and at times may even assist the dentist by making crowns for the patients.

While a dental assistnat is not required to have a college degree, it is advisable to hold a college degree to enhance your career in the dental industry. A few states may require a dental assistant to be certified by the Commission on Dental Accreditation of the American Dental Association. In this case a dental assistant needs to appear for the Dental Assistant National Board exam for Certified Dental Assistants.

When drafting a dental assistants resume, one must keep a few points in mid, this would help you create a great dental assistant resume. Lets look at some of these points.

  • have a good career objective.
  • mention the post that you are applying for in your career objective and why you are interested in the job.
  • Focus on your educational qualifications, certifications if any and trainings attended.
  • If you have any prior work experience in the dental industry capitalize on that and ensure that details are provided.
  • List any administrative tasks that you have carried out or jobs that entailed you to carry out administrative tasks.
  • Foucs on skills that are required for a good dental assisitant.
  • Mention your proficiency at using computers and your proficiency at computer applications.
  • Have a good reference section with at least two valid references
These are just a few of the points that you can cover while drafting a great dental assistant resume.
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Tips for administrative assistant resume

An administrative assistant is a key position in a lot of companies and firms now days, An administrative assistant is no more just a person who takes notes and answers phone calls, Today's administrative assistant has transformed into an employee of the organisation who assists the executives of that organisation in taking decisions, assisting them by handling daily tasks in the office etc.

For an administrative assistant or executive assistant some of the qualities that a person requires are dedication, patience, organising skills and someone who can take quick decisions.

While the core tasks of an administrative assistant still remain the same( answering calls, assisting with documentation, filing, office correspondence etc) the job role of an administrative assistant is ever expanding.

While drafting an administrative assistant resume one must key these key qualities in mind and highlight them on the resume, this helps grab the attention of the reader.
It is also very important to give details of any previous administrative assistant job that you have held in the past, this helps any prospective employer understand your capabilities.

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