Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Sales Representative Resume

A job in the sales and marketing field is very lucrative leading to many aspiring candidates wanting to join a sales firm, however the competition for a sales and marketing job is very tough and one needs a great resume to get noticed. A good sales resume will help you get a shot at an interview. So do we come up with a great sales resume?

The answer is simple, just like a sales person a sales resume must be charismatic, must be dynamic and target oriented. When writing a sales resume one must kep some key tips in mind.

  • You should be able to sell and position yourself well.
  • Your sales resume must talk about facts and figures, you should add sales figures, revenue earned and targets achieved in your sales resume.
  • Talk about your achievements
  • Mention about awards and honors that you have received while on the job.
  • mention about promotions and additional job responsibilities
  • Focus on work experience\
Following these simple tips will help you get a good sales resume.
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Monday, 19 September 2011

Nurse Resume Tips

A nurses job is turning into a very lucrative profession with more and more people wanting to opt for a career in nursing. Nursing is a high paying job in the health care sector, as the competition for nursing jobs increases; it is becoming very important that you have the right resume to help you land a nursing job along with the skills that are required.
It is very important to have a perfect resume as a resume is your first impression that you create on
Since a nurse’s job is a specialized one, it is important that a nurse’s resume highlight this aspect and portray a picture that this is the right candidate for the job.
Some of the key elements of a nurse’s resume are the educational qualification field. Highlighting this field allows you to showcase your knowledge in the domain.
You should also highlight your licenses and certification and highlight your work experience if you have any. If you are an experienced nurse, it is very important that you highlight your past experiences as a nurse.
While creating a nurse resume it is very important that you take into consideration the skills and expertise required to be a successful nurse. This needs to reflect in your nurse resume. It is also very important that these points are highlighted in your nursing resume, and that it reflects the depth of your knowledge and experience.
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Tips for Dentist Resume

A dentist's profession is a specialized profession, one that requires a certain qualification and skill. When drafting a resume for a dentist, there are a few aspects that need to be kept in mind.

A dentists resume must focus on the persons qualification, academic and educational qualification, certifications, licenses held and any training or workshops attended. By highlighting these aspects of the resume one is able to highlight the persons knowledge in that domain.

You should also highlight your experience in that domain, along with detailed description of the roles and responsibilities held by the person in previous jobs.
However one must be aware not to add unnecessary details in a resume.

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Dental Assistant Resume Tips

A dental assistant is someone who helps the dentist carry our or perform his tasks in a dental clinic. While this is a very generic term used to describe a dental assistant , lets look at what exactly is the role of a dental assistant.

A dental assistant assists the dentist during dental surgeries and procedures by operating the equipment, he assisits the dentist by carrying out tasks like taking x-rays,  taking tooth impressions, assisting the patients, preparing patients for a dental procedure and at times may even assist the dentist by making crowns for the patients.

While a dental assistnat is not required to have a college degree, it is advisable to hold a college degree to enhance your career in the dental industry. A few states may require a dental assistant to be certified by the Commission on Dental Accreditation of the American Dental Association. In this case a dental assistant needs to appear for the Dental Assistant National Board exam for Certified Dental Assistants.

When drafting a dental assistants resume, one must keep a few points in mid, this would help you create a great dental assistant resume. Lets look at some of these points.

  • have a good career objective.
  • mention the post that you are applying for in your career objective and why you are interested in the job.
  • Focus on your educational qualifications, certifications if any and trainings attended.
  • If you have any prior work experience in the dental industry capitalize on that and ensure that details are provided.
  • List any administrative tasks that you have carried out or jobs that entailed you to carry out administrative tasks.
  • Foucs on skills that are required for a good dental assisitant.
  • Mention your proficiency at using computers and your proficiency at computer applications.
  • Have a good reference section with at least two valid references
These are just a few of the points that you can cover while drafting a great dental assistant resume.
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Tips for administrative assistant resume

An administrative assistant is a key position in a lot of companies and firms now days, An administrative assistant is no more just a person who takes notes and answers phone calls, Today's administrative assistant has transformed into an employee of the organisation who assists the executives of that organisation in taking decisions, assisting them by handling daily tasks in the office etc.

For an administrative assistant or executive assistant some of the qualities that a person requires are dedication, patience, organising skills and someone who can take quick decisions.

While the core tasks of an administrative assistant still remain the same( answering calls, assisting with documentation, filing, office correspondence etc) the job role of an administrative assistant is ever expanding.

While drafting an administrative assistant resume one must key these key qualities in mind and highlight them on the resume, this helps grab the attention of the reader.
It is also very important to give details of any previous administrative assistant job that you have held in the past, this helps any prospective employer understand your capabilities.

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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Interview Tips

Many aspiring job seekers feel that a great and well written resume is sure to help them land their dream job; well they could not have been more wrong in thinking so. A well written resume will only help you get a shot at an interview, To be successful in an interview a person needs to be able to master the art of giving an interview, they should be able to manage an interview to their benefit.

Many times job seekers say that the interview went good and that they are confident that they would land the job, however when they are rejected, they are at a loss as to why the job was not given to them. The answer lies in the fact that they presumed that the interview went great, however the decision maker or  the interviewer, may not share the same thoughts.

So what this secret formula to turn a good interview into a great one? How does one manage an interview?  The answer lies in following simple interviewing tips and being prepared for the interview. Many times a candidate is not hired because of their own doings. The most common reasons for not being hired are the candidate’s untidy appearance, inability to communicate their thoughts clearly, lack of interest, negative attitude and lack of eye contact.

Being prepared for an interview is half the battle won, this includes ensuring that you are confident, know what the job is about, are knowledgeable about the field you work in, know about the company you are applying for and being able to communicate your thoughts properly.

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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

How to write a resignation letter

Just like your resume hold lots of importance in your career, in the same way a resignation letter is equally important. A resignation letter is a document or letter that you forward to your existing organization or employers that state that you need to resign form your current job. A resignation letter is important as it is a written proof that you have informed the said person of your intent to quit.

So why such importance to a  resignation letter? The reason being that one time you have choose to quit & give your resignation letter, it now becomes clear that the employer needs to discover a replacement for you.
A resignation letter must be written after much thought is given to it, you ought to not write a resignation letter in haste or ought to not write a resignation letter on the spur of the moment.
When writing a resignation letter you ought to make sure that it is professionally written, gives the reason why you need to leave & what position you held. A resignation letter must seldom be used as a method of personal assault against people you don't like, It is advised that you give copy of the resignation letter to your boss & to the human resources person.

How to write a good resignation letter

Sunday, 11 September 2011

How to write a resume cover letter

Writing a resume cover letter is much easier than it seems, However many people find writing a cover letter a daunting task and are at a loss when it comes to this task.

Before we go ahead with some cover letter writing tips, let’s look at what is a resume cover letter. A cover letter is a letter of introduction that you send along with your resume when you apply for a job. A cover letter is a very important document and can make the difference between getting a shot at the interview and getting rejected.

The cover letter is supposed to be the first interaction that you have with a prospective employer, this is why it is very important that you spend considerable time and effort to come up with a perfect cover letter. A shoddy cover letter would cloud over your skills and expertise and result in failure.
So what makeups up a perfect cover letter?
A cover letter creates that important first impression on an employer and thus must help the reader interpret your resume; it should give your resume a personal touch; however you should ensure that your resume cover letter does not duplicate content of your resume.

Your resume cover letter must first and foremost identify yourself to the reader.  It should state the reason you are sending across your resume, the position that you are applying for in that organisation, it should state the reason why you are interested in joining that organisation. Your cover letter must also state your experience in the field, the skills that you possess in the relevant field.

You should ensure that your cover letter is short and to the point, never write a cover letter that rambles on about your achievements in your field; a cover letter must never be more than a page and should be limited to a few lines. 

You can follow these simple tips to come up with a great cover letter or browse through the link given here for some cover letter examples.

How to write a perfect resume

So you are bored and tired of your current job? Are you looking for a change? feel this is the right time to change jobs? Well its time to work on your resume and send it across to prospective employers.
While this is a practice followed by many people across industries, a majority of them fail to follow a few simple steps that can help them in a job search.

A resume is a very powerful tool if one knows how to use it in the right manner. If you are looking for a job change you need to learn how to market yourself in the right way. This is where your resume comes into play. Your resume is the most powerful marketing tool that you possess. A well written resume can help market your skills and help you land that dream job.

So what is this secret formula for a perfect resume? Does such a thing as a perfect resume exist? Well the answer to that is a big yes. So lets look at what makes a perfect resume.

Most of us(including me) start working on our resume once we have decided to look around for a job or find a job opening in the classifieds. This is the biggest resume writing mistake that one can make . Writing a resume is a long drawn out process that needs a lot of thought. Your resume needs to be updated real time, this ensures that you have covered all your accomplishments, change in roles and responsibilities etc and that you do not miss out on any important points.

Another mistake that we make while writing a resume is that we try to take the easy way out by either copying someone else resume or downloading one of the many resume samples available on the net. While this may work for a few people, it is better to create your own resume from scratch , this ensures that your resume is unique and presents a perfect picture of your profile.

Here are some simple tips that will help you create a perfect resume.

1.) start with your personal details, your address, contact information etc.
2.) have a brief resume summary that summarizes your professional and educational accomplishments.
3.) Next you need a strong resume objective, your resume objective must include the reason why you are sending across the resume, which post you are applying for, what you intend on delivering.
4.) after your resume objective you now need to write down your work experience, ensure that you mention dates as well as job responsibilities and roles for each job held. You can also mention your accomplishments here.
5.) now add your educational qualification, certifications, trainings attended etc.
6.) The next section should be your reference section. make sure that you add 2-3 strong references preferably of your ex-employers or bosses.

Following these simple tips will ensure that you have a perfect resume that will help boost your career and help you get noticed amongst the other job seekers.

Resume Writing Tips