Sunday, 17 November 2013

Dental Assistant resume Tips

A dental assistant is someone who assists the dentist in his clinic or office, While this is a very broad term to define a dental assistant, a dental assistants role includes helping the dentist in preparing for a dental procedure, assisting patients, taking x-rays etc.

Though it is not mandatory that one has a college degree in order to land a dental assistant's role , it does help you in the long run as it could help you grow.

Many college graduates and school graduates have been taking up jobs as dental assistants as it gives them a stepping stone for a career in dentistry , if you have the right credentials and educational qualification.

When drafting a dental assistant resume, one must keep in 
mid a few points that can help make a strong dental assistant resume. This includes:-
1. Have a strong resume objective
2.Foucs on educational qualification and achievements

3. Highlight and prior work experience linked to the field of dentistry or the dental industry.
4. have a strong reference section with atleast two valid references.
5. highlight your abilities to carry out administrative tasks.
6. highlight skills at operating a computer.
7. highlight customer care skills.

These are just a few points that can help you get a great dental assistant resume.
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